Aka Dua and Healing the Planet

A year ago we hosted our first teaching event at Delta Swell. The space was half the size then and we surprisingly fit 38 people.

My teacher and benefactor, Koyote, spoke about the Aka Dua and Healing the Planet. In that moment I experienced and learned the true power of a teacher as I watched and felt Koyote speak directly to each and every person in the room, individually. I knew then that this was the kind of teacher I wanted to be and would be.

Since last year, I have watched Koyote teach to filled spaces and intimate gatherings in this exact way, and have stepped into my Destiny as Teacher as well.

I am currently on a journey with Koyote to study, practice, be initiated into and teach a very unique texture of Magick – one taught by a true Nagual, a Toltec Shaman, a Tantric Yogi and powerful Magician. I practice what I learn every day. It has become who I am and how I serve. This is my Purpose, my Destiny, my True Will, for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

I share this all with you and DeltaSwell serves as my sacred space and temple.

Thank you Stephanie Dawn Clark for sharing this journey with me in Sacred Partnership. Thank you Koyote and Xicoco Shamanic Arts for your amazing school. And thank you Karin for opening me to this magical life, setting it all up for and with me, inviting me to teach with you, allowing me to receive your gift and legacy and teaching through me.


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